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1960-61, The Portland Buckaroos & How It All Began
All the stories - from initial signings - to training camp and more, 07/18/1960 till 10/17/1960
Table of contents:
07/18/1960 - Buckaroos Pick Camp
07/19/1960 - Buckaroos Book Camp
08/24/1960 - Two Rookies Signed
09/01/1960 - Bucks Sign 2 Players
09/08/1960 - Bionda & Matthews sign with Bucks
09/14/1960 - Buckaroos Sign All League Center Art Jones To Pact
09/15/2006 - Bucks Sign Two Skaters
09/21/2006 - Bucks Slate 5 Exhibitions
09/25/1960 - They'll Be Lacing On Skates for Title As Puck Chase Nears
09/25/1960 - Hal Laycoe Seeks Goal Tender
09/28/1960 - Bucks Look Lean, Ready
09/29/1960 - Bucks Training Camp Opens
09/29/1960 - Defensemen Look Sharp
09/30/1960 - Leach Lost To The Buckaroos
10/01/1960 - Bucks Count Four Injured
10/03/1960 - Rookie impressive in Buck drill
10/04/1960 - Bionda To Miss Opener
07/18/1960 - Buckaroos Pick Camp
Portland's ice hockey Buckaroos will train in the Saskatchewan town of Estevan just north of North Dakota border, General Manager Harry Glickman announced Monday.
Glickman said Estevan was chosen because it has a "fine rink and its location is close to our league opener in Winnipeg on Oct. 17."
He said that Estevan has never had a Western league team train there and its people are "already excited about having us with them."
Coach Hal Laycoe will supervise training routine for from 20 to 24 players, Glickman said. They will report on Sept. 27 and open camp Sept. 28.
Exhibition games already have been arranged for Estevan and Bandon. The Bucks will open against Winnipeg Oct. 5 and play the Estevan junior amateur team on Oct. 8, both games at Estevan. Also billed is an exhibition with Winnipeg at Bandon.
The Bucks will come out of Estevan with 15 players, according to Glickman. WHL league limit is 14, of which two must be rookies until Nov. 5 when they may be replaced if they don't pan out.
"We'll probably carry an extra man, too, although we won't be able to put him in uniform for games," he said. The 14-player squad will consist of one goalie, three front lines, four defensemen and one player who can play both front line and defense in a utility role.
Glickman is steaming ahead with his plans for Portland's return to ice hockey and only last week announced sale of season tickets which he says is already showing good results.

07/19/1960 - Buckaroos Book Camp
The Portland Buckaroos, who will ride ice hockey back into Portland's sports scene this winter after a ten year absence, will train at Estevan Saskatchewan, starting Sept. 27, Harry Glickman, general manager of the Portland hockey club, announced Monday.
Estevan he explained, is a Canadian city, just north of the North Dakota border and has an excellent ice rink. Another factor in picking Estevan, Glickman said, was it's nearness to Winnipeg, where the Bucks open their Western Hockey League season play on Oct. 17.
After approving Estevan as the training site, Hal Laycoe, the coach of the Bucks, immediately lined up three exhibition games, booking Winnipeg at Estevan on Oct. 5 and at Bandon the following night, and the Estevan junior amateur team for Oct. 8.
Laycoe and Berlyn Hodges, the club trainer, will head for the Canadian city a few days ahead of the opening date and will be on hand to greet the players when they report Sept. 27. Laycoe plans to hold the first workout the following day.
Between 20 and 24 players will be kept in camp for the training period and the squad will be trimmed to 15 when the season gets underway.
Under the League rules, a club is permitted to dress 14 players for any game, but Glickman said the Buckaroos will probably carry 15 through the early part of the season to observe the rule that a club must have two rookies, with a playing background of no more than 30 professional games, until Nov. 15.
The Portland club now owns 10 players, eight of whom figure to stick, and plans to obtain additional talent in the amateur ranks and through affiliation with tow big league teams.

08/24/1960 - Two Rookies Signed
The Portland Hockey Club, determined to make its inaugura1 season in the Western Hockey League a rousing success, signed a pair of promising rookies yesterday.
General Manager Harry Glickman announced that Jean Therrien, a 23-year-old defense man, and Eddie Dudych, 25- year-old right winger, have been wooed from the amateur ranks and will report to coach Hal Laycoe at the Buckaroo training camp in Estevan, Saskatchewan, on Sept. 27.
In announcing the signing of Therrien and Dudych, the Buckaroo executive stressed that they are far more than mere hockey tyros acquired simply to fill the club's roster. "We scouted them both when they competed in amateur play a year ago," Glickman explained, "and we consider them real promising."
Both Highly Regarded
"Right now, we wouldn't trade them for any other pair in the Western Hockey League and we believe both will have a fine chance to win regular spots on our club."
Under league rules, the Bucks must keep the two on their roster until Nov. 15, thus giving Laycoe ample time to judge their rink talent.
Dudych, tabbed by Glickman's scouts as one of the best amateur forwards available, was with Louisville in the amateur International League last season and popped in 50 goals and added 43 assists. He was in the Seattle training camp in 1959 but declined to turn pro at that time. The Bucks induced him to sign after offering him an attractive bonus.
Therrien played with Milwaukie of the International league and Greensboro of the United States League, scoring 26 goals and having 32 assists.

09/01/1960 - Bucks Sign 2 Players
Two more players have signed contracts with the Portland Hockey Club, according to a Wednesday announcement of Harry Glickman, general manager of the Buckaroos.
The latest to agree to terms are Gordon Fashoway and Arlo Goodwin, both left wingers with plenty of Western Hockey League experience.
They have played under Hal Laycoe, the Buckaroo coach for the past four seasons, and he rates them both very high.
Fashoway is the third highest goal scorer in pro hockey history. He has banged in 450 goals in 12 seasons and added 26 more in play-off action.
Only Gordie Howie, of the Detroit Red Wings with 468 and Maurice Richard of Montreal with 544, have a better record.
Goodwin is ranked as one of the Western League's best checking forwards.
The Buckaroos now have five players under contract.

09/08/1960 - Bionda & Matthews sign with Bucks
Jack Bionda and Ron Matthews, two veteran defensemen, today signed contracts with the Portland Buckaroos for the 1960-61 season and Coach Hal Laycoe immediately breathed a sign of relief.
The Buckaroos expected trouble signing each of them, Matthew because he had previously expressed an intention to retire and Bionda because he was a holdout for more money.
However, Gen. Mgr. Harry Glickman came to terms with both of them after protracted negotiations.
Matthews will move his family to Portland and take up residence here in December. He is owned outright by the Buckaroos.
Bionda is the property of the Boston Bruins but the Buckaroo have obtained his services for the next two years.
Laycoe said Bionda and Matthews make an excellent combination on defense. Bionda is one of the better "cops" in the league with his ability to main tam law and order. Matthews led all Western Hockey league defensemen in scoring last year with 47 points on 11 goals and 36 assists.
Bionda is rated one of the world's best lacrosse players. His Nanaimo team is now in the Canadian playoffs and he will barely finish the season before reporting to the Buckaroos training camp at Estevan, Sask., September 28.

09/14/1960 - Buckaroos Sign All League Center Art Jones To Pact
The Western Hockey league's second all-star center is under contract to the Portland Buckaroos today.
He's Art Jones, 25-year-old veteran of three professional seasons, with Victoria last year was fifth in the league in scoring - 35 goals and 44 assists, for 79 points.
The Bucks also signed some competition for Jones - a young amateur center named Reg Primeau, who with Milwaukie last season in the International league collected 39 goals and 51 assists.
Buck Coach Hal Laycoe, now in the East scouting for more talent, thinks Primeau stands a good chance of making the tough jump from the amateur to pro ranks.
The latest signings brings to nine the number of Bucks now under contract for fall training which begins Sept. 28 at Estavan, Sask.
Others are defensemen Ron Matthews, Jack Bionda and Jean Therren, left wingers Gordon Fashoway and Arlo Goodwin and right wingers Arnie Schmautz and Eddie Dudych.
All except Bionda are owned outright. Bionda was assigned here by the Boston Bruins with whom Portland has a working agreement. (The Bucks also hope to tie up with the Toronto Maple Leafs.)

09/15/2006 - Bucks Sign Two Skaters
Portland Buckaroo general manager Harry Glickman Wednesday announced the signing of two center-forwards, Gordon Haworth and Larry Leach. Veteran Art Jones, second All-Star last year and rookie Reg Primeau, also centers, had previously come to terms. Haworth and Leach were both assigned to the Buckaroos by the Boston Bruins as part of a working agreement between the clubs. The Bruins also assigned a defenseman, Jack Bionda.
09/21/2006 - Bucks Slate 5 Exhibitions
The Portland Buckaroos will play five exhibition hockey games in their training season in Canada, general manager Harry Glickman announced Tuesday.
The exhibition slate:
Oct. 4, Winnipeg at Brandon.
Oct. 5, Winnipeg at Estevan.
Oct. 6, Calgary at Moose Jaw
Oct. 7, Calgary at Regina.
Oct. 8, Calgary at Estevan.
The Bucks also have booked a practice game with the Estevan junior team, thus giving coach Hal Laycoe additional chance to watch his rookies in action.
Laycoe plans to open training at Estevan next week and will leave this week-end to complete details for the camp. Glickman will visit the camp in early October.
09/25/1960 - They'll Be Lacing On Skates for Title As Puck Chase Nears
Laycoe Seeks Winger, Defense Help To Bolster Pennant Bid

They'll be lacing on skates on Wednesday morning in the unlikely little Saskatchewan city of Estevan, just across the border from North Dakota.
They're the Buckaroos, Port land's new Western Hockey league entry, starting the tough two-a- day drills of fall training.
Trainer Berlyn Hodges already has set up camp. Coach Hal Lay coe will be on his way north this weekend The 23 players under consideration will report I Tuesday.
By the time the Bucks open their home season Nov. 15 in the new Crystal palace between the Broadway and Steel bridges, the squad will have been cut to 14.
Championship Contender?
And Laycoe hopes it will have been whipped intb a champion ship contender.
How does the squad shape up?
Right now Laycoe terms his team strong at goal and center, adequate at defense and on the wings.
He has back the nucleus of his Victoria team which last year lost in the championship playoffs to Vancouver.
He has some highly-rated amateurs.
And he has at least one strong professional addition in center Larry Leach from the Boston Bruins.
He admits that the Bucks need another first-rate defenseman and another top right winger.
And the Bucks are working hard to obtain these. The team is willing to spend the money to get talent.
The Bucks have a working agreement with Boston and have Obtained strong help from the Bruins.
And they're still trying to get a working agreement with Toronto. (Hockey's a strange sport, in this respect. A team may have tieups with more than one major league team.)
Portland's chances for success will rest, in part, on the rookies.
It's a big jump from amateur to professional hockey. (Spokane found this out the hard way, taking a championship amateur team into the WHL and finishing last.)
But as Laycoe says with obvious logic, "Weren't all professionals once amateurs?"
Position by position, this is the way it looks on paper as the Bucks prepare to take the ice:
The Bucks will go with an amateur and yet Laycoe feels he's as strong as any goalie in the league.
The name's Don Head. He's 27, 5-10, 200 pounds and the best amateur in Canada, was in the cage on the Canadian Olympic team. Pro teams have tried without success to sign him for years. Portland succeeded.
As a practice goalie, Portland will use an Estevan youngster, Dick Todd.
Victoria veterans Jack Bionda md Ron Matthews give the Bucks a rugged first-line pair. The 190-pound Bionda will be the favorite of Portland fans. He's rough, smacks opposing wings around with abandon. He's just finished playing in the lacrosse championship of Canada, must adjust his legs to the ice before hitting top shape.
Behind Bionda and Matthews are Fred Creighton, who played last year with Spokane, and three amateurs, Jean Therrien, Norm Rider and Merv Famulak.
Therrien's a highly-rated 190-pounder from Riviere du Loup, Laycoe calls him a "tough French-Canadian."
Rider played with the Ne York Rovers last season. A 6-2, 210-pounder, he has, in Laycoe's words, "as much abiity as any guy in camp."
"We had him in camp two years ago and only his immaturity kept him from making it," 'says the coach. "If he's grown up he can be a great hockey player."
Famulak is out from Toronto on a "look-see" basis.
A holdout-the Bucks' only one -is defenseman Pete Wright, who's a big, mean boy Laycoe admits he'll miss. But so far Wright just won't sign.
"We're as strong as any team in the league at center," says Laycoe.
Art Jones was the second all star last season. Yet he'll be pressed by Larry Leach, who has just cqmpleted two full seasons with the Boston Bruins, His departure caused some Boston Writers to question how in the world it could happen.
"Larry's a rough, hard-checking center," said Laycoe. "This kid will get the puck for you.
Leach is 6-2, weighs 185.
Back of this pair is Victoria veteran Gordon Haworth, whom Laycoe calls "tireless and one of the best skaters in all of professional hockey."
Two amateurs will get a shot at the center spot. One, Reg Primeau, was the league's fifth highest scorer with Milwaukee's amateur team last season. The other, Danny Muloin, is just 21, fresh out of the intermediate amateur ranks.
If Primeau makes the team- and there's a strong chance-Haworth may be shifted to left wing.
Left Wing
The old pro, Gordon Fashoway, is still pouring 'em in. Only two players in all hockey history-the fabulous Maurice (Rocket) Richard of Montreal and Detroit's Gordie Howe - Have scored more goals than this 34-year-old veteran, who was playing in this league when Portland dropped hockey back in '51.
Reports out of Vancouver, B.C., where Fashoway sells autos in the summer have the veteran looking in better shape than at any time in years.
Backing Fashoway is another Victoria veteran, Arlo Goodwin, who has recovered well from a summer shoulder operation. He'll be playing in football shoulder pads which trainer Hodges feels will give better protection.
Goodwin's brother, John, who led Omaha's amateur team in scoring last year, will get a shot at a left wing post, as will 21- year-old Sid Garrant, a highly rated amateur from the Toronto camp, and another Toronto owned player, Ed Lawson. Both are products of the Saskatchewan junior ranks.
Right Wing
At right wing is the little guy Laycoe calls the "most colorful player in the league." He's Arnie SÁhmautz who'll be playing in the league all-star game, all 140 pounds of him. He's been keeping the legs in shape this summer banging golf balls (long and straight, too) at Broadmoor.
A skull fracture knocked Schmautz out of action last season-but he's recovered and rarin' to go.
Back of Schmautz are four amateurs.
Laycoe is really high on one of 'em, Johnny Dudich, who scored 50 goals last season for Louisville's amateur team.
The others are Warren Hicks and Ralph Boychuk, a pair who played last season with Kelowna in British Columbia, and Dick Vincent, who scored 45 goals In junior hockey.
At this position, the Bucks definitely will need help unless the amateurs develop even be yond expectations.
Meanwhile, sale of season tickets-over the 500 mark already-continues at the Buck offices at 510 SW Yamhill.
They go for $70 for 35 home games-a saving of $18.50 over the regular reserved seat prices of $2.50 a game. And purchasers in the first season will have the option of keeping the same seats in succeeding seasons.
Portland has one rough break as the Bucks prepare to bring hockey back to the city.
Because coliseum ice won't be available until Nov. 15, the Bucks must play their first 10 games on the road. And in hockey that home ice is a major adavantage.
"If we win 4 of 10, I'll be satisfied," said Laycoe. Then he added, thoughtfully. "But they say road games are easiest early in the season before players have had a chance to adjust."
Maybe the Bucks will get the breaks and come home a winner. It's something Portland's pro sports fans certainly would love for a change.

09/25/1960 - Hal Laycoe Seeks Goal Tender
Professional hockey's rousing return to Portland moves a step nearer reality Wednesday when the Portland Buckaroos open their training camp at Estevan, Sask., under the competent direction of coach Hal Laycoe.
The Bucks, 23 strong, will stick to the Canadian prairie city until Oct. 15, when they will break camp and move into Winnipeg for their season opener with the Warriors on Oct. 17. They will remain on the road for 10 games before coming home for their inaugural on Memorial Coliseum ice against Spokane the night of Nov. 15.
The Buckaroo training grind will be spiced with five exhibition games in the Estevan area.
Bucks Seek Goalie
Before heading for Canada, Laycoe took a long look at the current Buckaroo roster and found himself pretty well set for talent in all spots except at the net.
So far, no goal tender is under contract, but Laycoe and general manager Harry Glick man are hopeful of signing one within the next day or two.
Right now Glickman is negotiating -with a young Canadian, who, he said, will solve the problem. Two National Hockey League clubs are on the trail of the youngster, but Glickman believes he has a strong chance of landing him.
If the deal falls through, Toronto has promised to send a top prospect either Gerry McNamara or Cesare Maniago, the latter a member of the Canadian Winter Olympics squad.
Defense No Problem
Defense figures to produce little worry for the Bucks' brass, for six players are already in the bag. Two of this group, Jack Bionda, on loan from the Boston Bruins, and Portland owned Ron Matthews, are almost certain fixtures in the Portland line-up and the others, rookie Jean Therrien, veteran Fred Creighton, Merv Famulak and Norm Ryder, will scrap it out for the other two defensive berths.
According to Laycoe, the Bucks also are solid at center, with three tested performers ready to roll and a couple of willing rookies hoping to crack the line-up.
The face-off vets are Art Jones, a WHL All-Star a year ago; Larry Leach, 24-year whizz from the Bruins, and Gordon Haworth, also a Bruin and tabbed as the best skater in the circuit. The newcomers are Danny Muloin, a farm hand from Boston, and rookie Reg Primeau. Laycoe gives Primeau a chance to make the grade and if he does, Haworth will be moved to left wing.
Fashoway Ready
Two established left wingers, Gordon Fashoway and Arlo Goodwin, have already sharpened their blades and a pair of youngsters, John Goodwin, brother of Arlo, and Sid Garant, will bid for a place on the 14-man squad.
Fashoway' is one of the games all time greats having scored 482 goals and earning rank in point-making behind Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe.
Four speed balls will scramble for the right wing jobs, with Arnie Schmautz and Eddie Dudych holding an early edge over Warren Hicks and Ralph Boychuk, both importees from British Columbia.
Schmautz, who at 5-5 and 140 pounds will be the smallest player in the league, figures to be a gallery favorite. He performed with Victoria last season but now is a permanent resident of Portland. Dudych is rated as a "sleeper," who popped in 50 goals for Louisville a year ago.
Glickman, who will visit the training camp in early October, said season tickets are now on sale at 510 SW Yamhill St.; and added that tickets for single games, including the Nov. 15 opener, will be avail able about the middle of next month.
09/28/1960 - Bucks Look Lean, Ready
"They look lean and ready."

That's the report today from Coach Hal Laycoe of the Port land Bucks, who opened fall training Tuesday night in Estavan, Sask., for the '60 hockey season.
Laycoe sent 25 players through skating drills Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, planned to let them get the feel of sticks and pucks Wednesday night.
Dudick Stands Out
The first light scrimmage is due Thursday morning.
"I'm quite impressed with the older fellows," Laycoe said. "They seem to be in surprisingly good shape. There'll be no weight problem on this club."
In skating drills Laycoe was especially impressed with young right wing Johnny Dudich, a 50- goal amateur last year with Louisville, and defenseman Norm Riderl a 210-pounder from the New York Rovers.
"Just in skating alone, Dudich stood out-very noticeably," said Laycoe. "And this kid Rider is catching everyone's eye." Since top condition is one of the major assets to a winning hockey team-constant top-speed skating means the other team can never let up-Portland seems off to a good start.
Laycoe said only three players counted on this season failed to report and all for good reason. Family illness will delay the arrival of Reg Prinleau, amateur center from Milwaukee, and Jean Therrien, highly-rated French-Canadian defenseman from Quebec.
First Game Set
And veteran defenseman Ron Matthews was just getting his "American papers" Wednesday, will be in camp as soon as possible.
A number of the players working out are youngsters assigned by Toronto on, a "look-see" basis and Estavan youths eyeing pro hockey careers.
The Bucks will play their first exhibition game Tuesday against Winnipeg in Brandon, will open the season Oct. 17 at Winnipeg and will be home Nov. 15 against Spokane in the new Memorial Coliseum.
09/29/1960 - Bucks Training Camp Opens
The Portland Buckaroos, 25 strong, opened their hockey training camp here Wednesday under the all-seeing eye of coach Hal Laycoe.
Aware that most of the boys were somewhat rusty after the spring and summer layoff, Laycoe took it easy on the Bucks the first day. He held two workouts, but limited activity to skating and calisthenics.
He warned, however, that the tempo will pick up daily and said all team candidates must be in top condition in time for the exhibition opener at Bandon, Manitoba, next Tuesday.
Deals On Fire
Eager to test some of the rookies and get a good look at the vets, Laycoe said he will hold a scrimmage Thursday, with the old - timers and the better newcomers ripping into each other at morning and night sessions and the younger set taking over the ice in the afternoon.
When the camp officially opened, two Buckaroos, Ron Matthews and Reg Primeau, were missing. Matthews is expected within the next two days but Primeau has been kept at home by the illness of his wife.
Laycoe was particularly impressed by the way Arnie Schmautz handled himself on the ice. Schmautz fractured his skull last season, but darted around the rink like a young rookie.
The Buck chief also hinted that several deals are cooking and any of them could pop overnight.
09/29/1960 - Defensemen Look Sharp
Defensemen Shine in Buckaroo Drill
It's still "spring" training - which for hockey teams comes in the fall-so there's no point in going overboard.
But there were three mighty pleasant surprises Thursday morning when the Portland Buckaroos skated through their first scrimmage in Estavan, Sask.
Rider Shows Spark
First, as related by Coach Hal Laycoe, defenseman Fred Creighton "was bowling guys over like it was mid-season."
This is a surprise since Creighton was just a so-so defenseman last season with Spokane.
And Norman Rider, a defenseman up from the New York Rover amateur ranks, was playing like he never, has. . .with a blistering shot for a big guy."
Rider is a big fellow who in recent years hasn't given 100 percent - it's reported - in his pro attempts.
Rookie Surprises
"If he wants to play pro hockey," said Laycoe, "he can. Right now somebody has to beat him out."
The third surprise is a kid named Dick Vincent, fresh out of the junior amateur ranks where last season he scored 4 goals for Flin Flon, a hotbed of amateur hockey.
"He's a hippity-hoppity blond kid who's got crowd appeal," said Laycoe. "This morning he was a real pleasant surprise."
Schmautz Wears Helmet
Laycoe said colorful 1ittle Arnie Schmautz, 140 pound winger appears recovered from the skull fracture that knocked him out of action the last half of last season.
"He's wearing a helmet now," said Laycoe, "and he says it's too heavy. But he's sure skating."
09/30/1960 - Leach Lost To The Buckaroos
The Portland Buckaroos have their first beak of the season - and it's a mighty bad one.
Larry Leach, the only National Hockey League veteran on the Buck roster, is out for at least two months with a fractured collarbone.
Leach was injured Thursday night in a tangle in the fall training camp at Estevan, Sask. with rugged defense man Jack Bionda.
Strangely, Bionda and Leach have tangled before in their pro hockey careers and Leach's first comment after the collision was, "it would be him." The break was Leach's first in his playing career.
The star center was operated on Friday morning in Estevan, and doctor's said it would be at least six weeks before the bones would knit.
Buck coach Hal Laycoe said Leach's loss means that Art Jones, Gordon Haworth and Primeau will carry the load at center.
Primeau checked into the training camp Friday, after being delayed by illness in his family, and Laycoe said he's "small but playing awfully well."
Primeau scored 90 points with Louisville's amateur team last season.
Defenseman Ron Matthews also checked in Friday and appeared in good condition. The only play counted on who has not appeared is Jean Therrien, who also is delayed by illness in his family.
10/01/1960 - Bucks Count Four Injured
Larry Leach, Portland Buckaroo center. who shoots left handed and who was injured in a drill here at training camp Thursday, underwent surgery on a broken collar bone Friday morning, and according to the doctor's report, no complications are expected There is a good chance, reports coach Hal Laycoe, that Leach may be ready to play when the Bucks open their home season in Memorial Coliseum Nov. 15.
The Portland club counted up three other minor injuries as the camp swung into high gear. Arnie Schmautz, right winger, suffered a gash between the eyes which required three stitches.
Arlo Goodwin, another center, needed two stitches over one eye to close a gash, and rookie left winger Sid Garant had two stitches alongside his nose.
Newcomer Arrives
One newcomer, Reg Primeau, arrived in the camp Friday and did a fine job at center, according to Laycoe. Primeau played at Louisville in 1959 and scored 93 points. He stands five feet, 6 and one - half inches and weighs 175 pounds.
With the addition of Primeau, Laycoe now has 16 players plus two goalies in camp with one more, Jean Therrien, expected to report any day.
Laycoe also reported that he has contacted Pete Wright, one of the top defensemen of the Western Hockey League last year, and stated that he has made some headway towards getting Wright to report.
The Portland coach says that the team should remain pretty much as it is presently for the remainder of the camp. The Bucks play their first pre season tilt Tuesday night when they take on the Winnipeg club. Winnipeg has already beaten the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League in an exhibition game.
10/03/1960 - Rookie impressive in Buck drill
A young rookie just out of the junior ranks went wild in a grueling, hour-long scrimmage at the Portland Buckaroo fall hockey camp Sunday afternoon in Estevan, Sask.
Dick Vincent, who poured in 46 goals for Flin Flon last season, scored five goals and two assists as the Bucks prepared for their Tuesday exhibition opener against Winnipeg in Brandon.
"He's really been the most attractive rookie in the whole camp," said Laycoe. "I think he has a good chance of making the team."
The scrimmaged was the 11th of the training season and showed the entire squad in top Physical condition, Laycoe said.
"Even the old fellows are working surprisingly hard," he said.
In the Sunday scrimmage, rookies Dick Dudich and Norm Rider and veteran winger Arnie Schmautz all scored two goals.
"This Rider…" said Laycoe. "Six-three and 205 pounds and looking right now like the best defenseman in the league. If he can just keep the spark." In some seasons past he hasn't -this strapping fellow played last season with the New York Rovers, an amateur team.
Laycoe has trimmed his squad to 18, must make four more cuts before starting league play.
Against Winnipeg he'll use Don Head in the goa1, Ron Matthews, Jack Bionda, Fred Creighton and Rider at defense. The lines will be Gordon Fashoway, Art Jones and Sehmautz; Arlo Goodwin, Gordon Haworth and Dudich; and John Goodwin, Reg Primeau and Vincent. Sid Garrant and Warren Hicks, a pair of rookies, also may see action.
Winnipeg is 'way ahead of Portland in its training schedule.
The Winnipeg six already holds a 5-4 exhibition victory over Boston of the National Hockey league and has dropped a pair of exhibition nods to the Detroit Red Wings of the same major circuit.
Portland should be in for a real test Tuesday night.
Gen. Mgr. Harry Glickman, incidentally, was to join the team in Brandon Tuesday night.
10/04/1960 - Bionda To Miss Opener
The Portland Buckaroos will open their exhibition hockey season tonight without their best defenseman.
Big, bruising Jack Bionda, the team's "policeman," will be out for at least a week with a mild form of jaundice.
The Bucks thus will be minus two of their top players when they open in Brandon against a Winnipeg six that already, has played exhibitions against the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins of the National Hockey league.
Bionda Belted Leach
Also missing is Larry Leach, center from Boston, out for at least six weeks with a broken collarbone.
Strangely, it was Bionda who belted Leach out of commission.
"It was just one o those things," Bionda said today. "I didn't even hit him very hard."
Bionda at first was feared lost from three to six weeks and wasn't even going to stay in camp. Medical tests this morning, how ever, showed the illness not as serious as first believed.
What caused it?
Coach Hal Laycoe thinks Bionda may be run down having just finished a strenuous lacrosse season which he wound up by playing in the Canadian championships in Toronto.
'Yes, the coach thinks so," said Bionda. "But I think it was something I ate. I was only getting about one good meal a day in Toronto. You eat too much junk on the road."
There was good news, too, as the Bucks prepared for the opener.
New Players Assigned
Boston is sending to Portland a pair of players in their second professional seasons.
Due in the Estevan camp soon are Bob Blackburn, a defenseman who played with Kingston in the Eastern league and Providence In the American league last season, and Barney Krake, a left winger who scored 14 goals for Kingston.
1n addition, Jean Therrien, a big French-Canadian rookie, was to arrive for the exhibition opener after being delayed by illness in his family.
Much more to come - Please return again soon!!

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